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Welcome to My Blog: 10th Anniversary Celebration

Did you know 2019 marks the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the PPG Publisher’s Blog? It’s hard to believe so many years have passed since I wrote my inaugural Welcome to My Blog! post on November 22, 2009. Each month, I’d like to celebrate and recognize the milestones PPG has reached throughout the years, starting with building my website and creating this blog.

10th Anniversary Celebration PPG Publisher's Blog

10th Anniversary Celebration PPG Publisher’s Blog

Today’s website and blog look very different from what I started with 10 years ago. Back then, the theme colours were slate blue and grey as you can see in this video I produced for one of PPG’s first authors, Cheryl Bernard: Welcome to Polished Publishing Group (PPG). I’d also created the PPG Writers’ Forum and an online store to sell PPG books through. But neither of them took off, so I had to let them go a few years ago. C’est la vie!

Welcome to My Blog: 10th Anniversary Celebration

Through the years, I also tried to generate more interest in this blog—this book publishing company as a whole—by creating contests. You Could Win $100,000 in 2012! and You Could Win a Free Publishing Package in 2013! are two early examples. These well-intentioned ideas were intended to generate more social media likes and blog subscribers for PPG. But neither of them made any kind of grand splash in the publishing world. C’est la vie!

What I’ve learned over these past 10 years is that there is no substitute for dedicated work. There is no secret formula to “hack your way to success” quickly and effortlessly. Do you want to be a writer? Then you have to write. Daily. Do you want to be an author? Then you have to push past your fears of sharing the things you’ve written with others. And publish it once and for all. You need to have patience through all the seasons in order to grow The Author’s Money Tree strong and healthy. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned for sure these last 10 years: it’s possible!

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