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Economy matters. Above all else, Donald Trump? (PART TWO)

My biggest concern with Jason Kenney winning Alberta’s election was that we would end up with another Donald Trump type. I found that prospect quite frightening, actually.

Economy matters. Above all else, Donald Trump?

Economy matters. Above all else, Donald Trump?

Since Kenney’s unsurprising landslide victory, I continue watching him closely. He’s no Donald Trump. In fact, he’s an articulate, bilingual career politician from Ottawa who is well-connected both provincially and federally. I still have my concerns: coverage of him in Maclean’s Magazine seems to mirror the NDP’s smear campaigns, and his United Conservative Party is already dogged by various RCMP investigations. But at least he’s no Donald Trump in other important ways. Life’s little blessings.

What advice would you give to your daughter?

I’m always perplexed whenever I hear Donald Trump supporters talk about how he’s been “good for the economy” like nothing else matters. This man surrounds himself with liars and convicted criminals, and he is unarguably a chronic liar himself. He’s been caught on tape admitting to—bragging about—how he has sexually harassed and groped women in the past. And after he and his family brushed this off as “locker room talk,” like it was no big deal, he was elected as President of the United States of America. Huh?

What if your daughter came to you and said, “I’ve met a new guy, and I want your advice about him. He hangs out with criminals, lies to me constantly, and he caught me off guard by groping me the other day. But he makes a lot of money. Should I stay with him?”

Any half-assed decent parents, male or female, would tell their daughter, “Lose that guy fast! He’s no good for you. You deserve better.”

So, why on earth would these same people put a man like that into the most powerful office in the free world? By doing so, you’re sending a strong message to all your sons about what is acceptable treatment of women. And you’re telling all your daughters how they deserve to be treated by men. There is no sidestepping this fact, people. This is what you’re doing when you elect someone like Donald Trump into office.

Economy matters. Above all else, Donald Trump?

I’ve already discussed the economic repercussions that can result from a lack of corporate integrity in a past blog entry. How about The Long-Term Economic Cost of Violence Against Women? What about The Costs of White-Collar Crime to society as a whole? There are so many more articles I could add on related topics here. Google it for yourself.

Economy matters. Yes, it does. But when you put economy above all else, we all pay a much higher price in all areas of life than we actually gain from that one.

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