Help Them Help You Manage-Lead by Stephen Hobbs

About the Book
When you manage and lead, what you say and do educates your staff along the journey you describe, explain, and walk. Foundational to your managing-leading are 9 educating approaches. These approaches engage your staff, improve their performance, increase their retention, and encourage personal development. Using these approaches correctly helps you manage and lead others to their personal achievements and group accomplishments. It’s a win-grow scenario for everyone!

About the Author

Stephen Hobbs, EdD (DrWELLth) business contributions and interests include mapping organization capacity, collaboration and communication for sustainable breakthroughs, navigating organizational culture in the words of those involved, educating management excellence and leadership brilliance, and coaching/mentoring manager-leaders using experience-based and competence verification techniques. DrWELLth has written and self-published books such as Creating the Well-Living Workplace (WELLTH, 2010) and Co-Creating the Well-Living World (2010). Three additional eBooks will be available in mid 2013. They are Clarity from Confusion, Responsive Listening and Inspired Standards. He balances his life with writing, walking, and cooking gluten-free/lactose-free meals. World travel is his love as evident in his 20 year odyssey to live and work around the world (he started August 2011). He is doing great, so far! Follow via and Twitter @DrWELLth.

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