Lebrary.com: A Dedicated Online eBook Portal for Aspiring Writers

Lebrary.com is a dedicated online e-book portal for ‘Aspiring Writers’ and was formed by David Nicholls who was frustrated at the traditional business model which treated new writers as second class citizens.  Realizing that most agents and traditional publishers were unprepared to take a chance on a new writer unless you were a celebrity chef or appeared in a soap! 

With the emergence of online publishing, the opportunity to enable authors to empower themselves and take charge of their own destiny was becoming a reality.

Understandably, people still opt for traditional books, plus authors have the mindset of write-agent-publish-book in shop. However, with the inevitability of e-books in the ascendency. It’s not so much a matter of ‘will’ e-books happen’ but ‘when’.

The growth of online publishing has been astonishing and the industry is learning as it goes along, so with these thoughts and a growing desire for writers passionate about wanting to get their work published, Nicholls came up with the idea of developing an online portal for aspiring writers, giving them the opportunity of publishing their work whilst earning money for the work and time they put in. Unique? Certainly not, what is unique these days, but learning from the sites that had already been developed, he set about bringing his ideas to fruition.

They say that naivety can be a good thing and in this case he would certainly go along with that sentiment. He considers himself an entrepreneur not a ‘Techi’ so with an idea he started to look for people that he knew who could share his vision. With a small team which included a web developer and a creative director, he put together Lebrary.com. Although they only launched in February 2010, they quickly attracted in excess of 30 authors with approaching 50 books to their name. They even have a US Ambassador who put his work on the site.

With some excellent promotional tools available for the author and the ability to choose between a free author’s package or a VIP Package with some excellent add-ons, Lebrary is quickly making a name for itself. They have recently been named in the top ten of online e-book sites and have already had three authors signed up by agents who are registered on their site. You may also want to take a look at a Facebook game they have just launched using authors book covers: http://apps.facebook.com/bookpileup/?ref=mf Plus the revolving book cover they can use on the authors own website, which can be seen in the Lebrary site.

Some people have said that online publishing is a flash in the pan, someone once said  that about the Internet!  So if you feel you want to be part of this exciting revolution – then have a look at lebrary.com – you’ll be more than welcome.

David Nicholls

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