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Modern Marketing for Authors: Promote Your Author Events on BookTour.com

You’re doing all the right things to sell more copies of your latest book: you’ve set up a book launch party at a nearby restaurant; you’ve arranged a couple of book signings at local bookstores; you’ve reserved a table at a community craft sale; you’ve contacted your local media to make them aware of these events; you’ve contacted all your friends, family members, and business associates on Facebook and LinkedIn to invite them to attend; and you’re posting regular entries on your author blog to increase your online exposure.

What else can you do to generate even more buzz around your latest release and drive additional traffic to your website and author engagements? Create an author account on BookTour.com where you can post links to your author blog and your book(s) on Amazon.com, plus you can advertise all your upcoming events to a targeted audience that is specifically looking for this type of information online!

According to the “About BookTour.com” portion of their website, they are the largest FREE online directory of author events throughout the world: “BookTour.com makes finding when a favorite author is coming to your town as easy as checking the weather. In just a few minutes any author can create a page showcasing their biography, books, and upcoming engagements. Listing new events is as easy as answering a few questions. Publishers, booksellers, events managers, and even just well-informed readers can add tour dates by simply filling in a few blanks.

I highly recommend this site to my fellow writers out there. Click on any of the above links to browse it and see for yourself. Much like YouTube, it is an effective form of marketing for today’s authorsan absolute must for anyone who wants to succeed in selling more books.

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