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How to Sell More Books: Run a $1,000,000 Contest!

This content first appeared on Warrior Forum and has been republished here with permission from the author.

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“But I don’t have $1,000,000 to give away as a prize,” you’re saying. That’s okay. You don’t have to. Neither do the businesses who offer those $1,000,000 “hole in one” prizes to their staff and clients at corporate golf tournaments. They aren’t paying for that prize out of their own pockets, either.

Here’s how it works…

All effective sales strategies start with a goal and a plan. Decide how many books you want to sell (whether it’s an e-book being sold online or a paperback being sold in a traditional “bricks and mortar” bookstore) and the date you want them sold by. For example, maybe you want to sell 100 books within the next 30 days. Guesstimate how many people would have to see your book in order to sell that many (e.g. if you think you can sell to 10% of the people who see your book, then you will need to attract 1,000 people to view it in order to reach your goal).

Next, you need to Google the specialty insurance companies in your area to determine how their contest and prize structures work and what it will cost you to run the contest. In my experience, it usually only costs a couple hundred dollars (your specialty insurance premium) to offer an insured prize of $1,000,000 to X number of people. The price may vary with however many chances to win you offer to however many people. No worries. There’s something there for everyone’s budget.

Your contest headline may read something like this: The first 1,000 people to view and like this book on our Facebook page before such and such a date (30 days from the contest opening date) will each have a chance to win $1,000,000! And you can offer them a discounted price or rebate of some kind if they also buy a copy of your book at the designated bookstore. But no purchase is necessary to enter the contest.

Think about it! What an incredible incentive to get someone to notice your book! The chance to win $1,000,000! And if they like the book, they can buy it. If you can attract 1,000 people to view and like it, chances are you’ll sell those 100 copies and meet your goal. You may even sell more.

It’s a great way to drive sales more quickly. When your buyers are sitting on the fence, trying to decide which way to go, a contest is a fantastic way to pique their interest and get them to jump off that fence into your yard ahead of your competitors’ yards.

Give it a try.

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