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[PAPERBACK] How to Publish a Book in the East That You Can Sell in the West

[PAPERBACK] How to Publish a Book in the East That You Can Sell in the West

Watch for How to Publish a Book in the East That You Can Sell in the West in the autumn of 2018. This new title will be available through all major bookstores worldwide in paperback format, plus on Kobo.com and E-Sentral.com in .EPUB ebook format, on October 15, 2018.

Those who wish to sneak an early peek will be able to find this book on Amazon in .MOBI ebook format as early as July 15, 2018, and it will be free of charge for five days that week only.

This book contains a repeatable, entirely achievable six-week publishing process—a blueprint you can easily follow no matter what type of book series you wish to publish on three recommended ecommerce sites. It also contains case studies of several highly successful authors who are already doing these things and earning massive incomes from it.  Read more here.

How to Publish a Book in the East That You Can Sell in the West

COMING SOON to Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo, and E-Sentral! Order it online!

Do you want to publish a book in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, or Southeast Asia? Do you dream of selling your book to English-speaking westerners in the United Kingdom and North America? If yes, you’ll find this book very helpful. You will learn where and how to publish a book that has a worldwide reach. You will also learn the online methods today’s top independent authors (also known as “indie authors”) are using to sell thousands of ebooks every year—at western prices. All you need is access to a computer that contains Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader along with a WIFI connection to the Internet, and you’re in business.

In this book, we’ll cover how to publish a book and:

– what the “Big Five” traditional (trade) publishers—Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette, Macmillan, and Simon & Schuster—are looking for when scouting new book projects;

– why you don’t need a literary agent to help you reach today’s publishers;

– the three publishing methods available to you;

– why the old publishing boundaries that once blocked the east from the west are now nearly dissolved;

– how today’s top search engine, Google, ranks webpages around the world (and why this is important to your commercial success);

– how to publish regular content in a way that bolsters your performance on all kinds of search engines (including online stores);

– why you should publish more than one ebook online;

– why you should publish your ebooks to more than one platform for best results;

and the list goes on!

You’re in the driver’s seat.

Gone are the days when the world’s large corporate book publishers set the pace and direction of the entire publishing market. Today’s western indie authors are now in the driver’s seat, and it can be the same for eastern authors in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Southeast Asia. The tools are already at your fingertips, and ebook publishing is the easiest and most affordable way to begin. (And when I say “affordable,” I mean almost completely free of charge. Now that’s affordable!)

Your only necessary cost will be editing, which will be covered in great detail in this book. The fact is, if you want your ebook to be accepted by a western-based English-speaking population, you’ll need to hire a western-based English editor to help you get things right. I’ll show you exactly where and how to find one at a price that suits your budget.

If you want to know how to publish a book in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, or Southeast Asia, this book can help. You’ll also learn how to sell your book to westerners in the United Kingdom and North America. The whole process from start to finish—from outlining a full ebook series to publishing it online—will be covered in this book. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know exactly how to publish a book. You’ll know what it takes to successfully sell it, too.