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PPG Publisher’s Blog will be Transitioning

Over the next few months, the PPG Publisher’s Blog will be transitioning from our long-time URL http://blog.polishedpublishinggroup.com/ to our main website https://polishedpublishinggroup.com/blog/. There, you’ll find many new and exciting updates to our business. Times are changing, and we’re changing with them so we can serve you better.

PPG Publisher’s Blog will be Transitioning

In addition to our regular publishing services, PPG now offers a wide variety of online courses on writing, marketing, audio production, et cetera, for aspiring authors. Watch for our new podcast interviews with successful authors in addition to more new online courses and books.

At PPG, we take it further than most publishers do by teaching authors how to write a bookhow to publish a book, and how to sell a book effectively. Our professional project management services are still available to those of you who want help managing all aspects of your book projects. But, through the years, we’ve learned what most authors truly want from your books: discoverability. And we strive to help you achieve exactly that through the PPG Publisher’s Blog, our educational books, and our online courses.

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