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How The Secret Changed My Life … New Book Due Out October 4, 2016

Kim Staflund: founder and publisher at Polished Publishing Group (PPG) and author of the PPG Publisher’s Blog

Kim Staflund: founder and publisher at Polished Publishing Group (PPG) and author of the PPG Publisher’s Blog

A little under a year ago, I wrote a blog entry titled How Gratitude and Visualization Can Help Authors Sell More Books and announced that my personal story was being featured as the “Story of the Week” on TheSecret.tv website. Earlier this month, I was informed that this same story will also appear in Rhonda Byrne’s upcoming book titled How The Secret Changed My Life: Real People. Real Stories. which is due out on October 4, 2016.

I’ve been aware, for a while now, that my story may appear in this new book because I gave permission to The Secret team to publish it when we spoke about it last year. I was also aware that it would undergo some light editing (as it should!) if they decided to include it in their book. Since the lightly edited version is slightly different from the original version I sent them, I’ve decided to share the original with you here. Enjoy!

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My Three Greatest Dreams Came True … Plus A Few More!

I was a single parent for over 20 years. As a single parent, finances were always a stressful area of my life. I rarely traveled anywhere, nor was I a home-owner. I rented for a long time. One of my greatest desires and promises to myself was that one day I would travel to the UK. I’d never left North America before. I wanted my first trip abroad to be to London, UK. I also wanted to be a home-owner, and I wanted to feel a sense of financial comfort and ease in my life. But, for many years, I saw no way this could ever happen for me.

In addition to these common desires that many people share, it was also always my dream to become a bestselling author. I had self-published three books by the time my son finished grade twelve; but they weren’t selling as well as I had hoped they would.

I first came across The Secret in early 2007. I loved it because it inspired me and gave me hope that I could improve my situation once and for all. (It is also what inspired me to write my second book.) Following that, I bought The Power and then The Magic, and I began focusing on what I love and on practicing gratitude every single day. I started watching subliminal videos and listening to subliminal tapes to help me reach my very core, so that I could really infuse my subconscious thoughts and beliefs with these new messages of love and gratitude and personal empowerment. Another thing I did was watch Rhonda’s videos The Secret to Riches, The Secret to You, and Planet Earth Forever at least once daily for several weeks straight. I really wanted to saturate my body, mind, and spirit with love, gratitude, and the belief that I could improve my life. Something in me knew repetition was the key … just keep reading these books, keep practicing gratitude, keep watching these videos, keep strengthening my belief.

Long story short, it worked. It still brings me to tears, sometimes, when I think about just how well it worked for me.

I really increased the intensity of my gratitude and visualization exercises in September 2013, around the time I published my fourth book. I began doing my exercises twice a day, first thing when I woke up every morning and last thing before I fell asleep every night for 30 days straight. The result? From November 2013 through to July 2014, the following amazing improvements happened in my life:

  • My fourth book was listed as a bestseller on Amazon.ca in November 2013.
  • In December 2013, that same book was also listed as a bestseller in the Calgary Herald online.
  • My son graduated from university that December, got the job he wanted at the company he wanted to work for, and moved into his own home. What a wonderful additional reward to see him so healthy, happy, and successful in his own life.
  • The annual income at my full-time job increased by $35,000 that year, and I also earned additional income through my sideline business as a book publisher and author.
  • I was approved for a mortgage in December, bought myself a brand new condo with many luxuries (safe and secure underground parking being one of them), and moved in.
  • I booked myself a trip to visit London and Paris which was on credit card and would be paid off within six months due to my increase in income.
  • I gave my son all my old furniture and was able to easily afford to buy myself new furniture for my new condo which was to be financed over three years.
  • I bought myself a new jeep which was to be financed over six years.
  • I was also FINALLY able to afford to pay back my two brothers and one of my cousins for money they had lent to me years ago when I’d been in a rough financial spot. (GOD, that felt good—to hand them each a cheque along with a heartfelt THANK YOU. I was finally free of the emotional burden of this personal debt that I had carried in my heart for years! It’s not that they had ever made me feel bad about it. Quite the contrary. But it felt like a burden to me. I had always planned to pay them back.)

Needless to say, things were going so well for me on so many fronts. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy … which seemed to attract even more things to feel grateful and joyful about. More good news followed. More money followed. It was absolutely amazing.

In March 2014, my mother won $1.15 million in a lottery! I was so excited for her! All of us were! Of course, my very generous mother shared part of her earnings with her children and other family members which completely paid off my remaining debts including the trip to London and Paris, the new jeep, the new furniture, everything! I was completely debt free (other than the mortgage on my new condo) with additional savings put away and even more spending money at my disposal than I already had due to the salary increase. So, I decided to also take a long-desired trip to New York City in July, too!

Not only did my mother win $1.15 million dollars in a casino lottery in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, that year … which is, you would think, a once in a lifetime event that we were all thrilled about. But then, around two months later, my uncle (who happens to be my God father) then also won $1.4 million is a separate casino lottery in Medicine Hat, Alberta! (I enjoyed teasing my cousins that their dad seemed to be trying to one-up my mom. We all had a great laugh out of that.)

What an amazing few months for me between November 2013 and July 2014! Not only did pretty much every single wish I had for myself come true, but even more wonderful things came my way than I could ever have expected. And the best part of it was that I got to see my son, my mom, and my uncle enjoy success and joy in their own lives, too. That was the icing on the cake, for sure!

My life continues to be so fulfilling to this day. I continue to earn a great living and travel. I continue to have a wonderful relationship with my son and watch him have success in his own life, too. It’s wonderful. I also continue to have increased success as a bestselling author, book publisher, and sales coach for authors. Life is sweet.

I’m a firm believer in the power of gratitude, the power of love, and the truth of Rhonda’s messages in each of her books. I’m so grateful to you, Rhonda. You have helped me to change my life for the better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

New Age Fiction by Kim S.

New Age Fiction by Kim S.

How Gratitude and Visualization Can Help Authors Sell More Books

Kim Staflund: founder and publisher at Polished Publishing Group (PPG) and author of the PPG Publisher’s Blog

Kim Staflund’s Personal Story is the Featured “Story of the Week” This Week on TheSecret.tv

When Australian television producer Rhonda Byrne released The Secret film in 2006, it inspired millions of people all across the world from all walks of life. One of those people was Kim Staflund, bestselling author of the newly released Successful Selling Tips for Introverted Authors, who has enhanced the traditional sales and promotion of all her books using the gratitude and visualization practises recommended by Rhonda.

Staflund believes in the power of love, gratitude, and visualization but offers insight to others who have tried and come up short time and again. “In addition to reading Rhonda’s books, I began researching other individuals who have had success with this to try to understand why some succeed and some don’t,” she says. “One of my all-time favourite sources is a video clip of Oprah Winfrey interviewing Jim Carrey in the late 1990s about how he made his own dreams come true using these techniques. Oprah made the comment, ‘Visualization works if you work hard,’ to which Jim agreed, ‘You can’t just visualize and then go eat a sandwich.’ That interview really resonated with me.”

Two months before Staflund noticed one of her books on a bestseller list for the very first time, she had increased the intensity of her gratitude and visualization sessions to twice daily—first thing every morning as soon as she awoke, and last thing every night before she fell asleep. It certainly did the trick as detailed in her story on TheSecret.tv.

“The key is to feel gratitude for where you are in your life right now. Really feel it,” says Staflund. “And, at the same time, visualize what you love and where you want to go while working toward it on a consistent basis.” All authors are entrepreneurs, and there are certain things they must do if they want to achieve commercial success. As a bestselling author, book publisher, and sales coach for authors, Staflund now devotes her career to sharing her knowledge with others to help them sell more books.

When Staflund first shared her personal story with the team at TheSecret.tv, she asked them to keep her name anonymous: “I felt shy about coming right out and saying I did this and it worked for me. I’m not entirely sure why.” But after some thought, she realized that what she admires most about people like Rhonda Byrne, Jim Carrey, Jack Canfield, and John Assaraf (to name only a few) is their willingness to share their beliefs and experiences publicly so that others can see real-life people attached to these real-life stories. Doing so made everything that much more believable and inspirational for everyone else.

Staflund has decided to “pay it forward” as they did and give people one more real-life person attached to one more real-life story. She hopes authors all around the world will find it inspirational and helpful along their own journeys to success.

About Kim Staflund

Kim Staflund is the founder and publisher at Polished Publishing Group (PPG) and author of the newly released Successful Selling Tips for Introverted Authors. She is also author of How to Publish a Bestselling Book…and Sell it Worldwide Based on Value, Not Price! released in 2014.

In addition to her book publishing background, Staflund has a substantial sales and sales management history that includes new business development, account and personnel management and leadership experience. Connect with Kim Staflund on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Kim’s books are all available in both paperback and ebook format through choice booksellers all around the world. Booksellers can order them in via Ingram Content Group.