Blogging Progress Report Mar 31 2019

For Blogging Progress Report Mar 31 2019, I’m going to focus on this blog’s stats for the past month. I didn’t post much in March because I was busy setting up my new Mailchimp email campaign. I was busy writing and publishing The Author’s Gold Rush. I’ve also been researching a bit more about WordPress to better understand their reporting capabilities and what each “user role” really means. (And, yes, I also got slightly addicted to Dr. Pimple Popper videos for a while. I’m now a recovering popaholic.)

Blogging Progress Report Mar 31 2019 - PPG Publisher's Blog Traffic

Blogging Progress Report Mar 31 2019 – PPG Publisher’s Blog Traffic

I only published five posts in all of March (before this one). Shame on me. My goal is to publish three per week. Luckily, of the 159 unique visitors who viewed my site, they still average more than three clicks each. So, that’s good for my blog site’s click-through rate. A good click-through rate always helps with SEO.

532 views and 159 visitors to PPG Publisher's Blog in March 2019

532 views and 159 visitors to PPG Publisher’s Blog in March 2019

Blogging Progress Report Mar 31 2019: Subscribers, Team Members, Followers, Email Followers

I’m still trying to get my head around what the difference is between WordPress “subscribers/team members” versus “followers” and “email followers.” My subscriber/team base continues to rapidly grow as shown in the next two visuals.

WordPress stats say I have 15,107 team members

WordPress stats say I have 15,107 “team members”

GoDaddy-managed WordPress stats say I have 15,107 subscribers

GoDaddy-managed WordPress stats say I have 15,107 “subscribers”

That’s an increase of 1,077 new “subscribers/team members” over last month. I have email addresses for all these users, but they don’t actually receive any sort of notification of my new blog posts.

In terms of actual “followers” and “email followers,” I’ve also seen a slight increase this past month as shown in the next two visuals.

Followers of PPG Publisher's Blog: 14 people

Followers of PPG Publisher’s Blog: 14 people

Email followers of PPG Publisher's Blog: 1 person

Email followers of PPG Publisher’s Blog: 1 person

So, I’m up from 13 to 15 official followers this past month. Micro wins, indeed. I’d like to see some macro wins soon, which is why I’ll be much more focused on email marketing in the coming months. I plan to send out a mass invite to all my “team members” to invite them to become email followers. I’ll offer them a free copy of The Author’s Money Tree to join.

What Do All These Different WordPress Roles Mean?

I’m unable to find anything online that tells me what a WordPress “team member” is other than this blog post:

Site Followers

To view your followers, select My Sites → People. You’ll see the following tabs on the next screen:

    • Team: People currently added to your site with a user role, such as Administrators, Editors, and Contributors.
    • Followers: A list of people currently following your site.
    • Email Followers: A list of people who are subscribed to your blog via email only. They may or may not have a account.
    • Invites: A list of outgoing invitations to people for following your site, or invites to add them with a specific user role.

Nowhere on the above WordPress blog page, nor on the accompanying “user role” link, does it reference the “subscriber role” that GoDaddy mentions on its admin page. So, where these users are coming from, I don’t know. Why are there so many new ones each month? I don’t know. GoDaddy is unable to answer that question for me anymore than WordPress is. So, I’m just going to assume I’m an SEO wizard then, and all these people are finding me through my books and the search engines. Until someone tells me differently, that must be the case.

Okay, next month? More blog posts. Better stats. More email subscribers. That’s the goal.

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