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Reddit: Social Marketing [T-Shaped Marketing for Authors]

Reddit is a great place to promote new books. I talk about Reddit in the last T-Shaped Marketing for Authors ebook titled Social Marketing. Here’s an excerpt from that book which will be coming out this month on Amazon, Kobo, and E-Sentral.

Reddit is a great social media tool!

Reddit is a great social media tool!

Reddit refers to itself as the “front page of the Internet” but, perhaps, it’s more accurately defined as the “sixth top page.” A web analytics company powered by Amazon, known as Alexa, reports Reddit as being in sixth place for top-visited sites in the United States and 20th place worldwide as I’m writing this. Either way, it is a powerful tool authors can use to drive more traffic to their own blogs (and books) in the form of relevant backlinks from a relevant, not to mention reputable, website. You do this by sharing links to your various blog posts. Or, you can simply post your views or questions for others to respond to right on the site.

As such, Reddit is best defined as a collection of forums where people can share news and views on just about any topic you can imagine. You can join Reddit and create your own forum threads (a.k.a. conversations) within the many established communities known as “subreddits.” This is a great way to try to generate discussion around a certain topic or issue, perhaps one related to your latest book or your career as an author. As with all social media, it’s also a good idea for you to post comments to other users’ threads so you can develop online relationships with them. If you do that, there’s a better chance of them upvoting your posts. This gives your posts more visibility so that more people will read them.

A popular form of conversation you can create on Reddit is known as an AMA which stands for “ask me anything.” Generally, high profile celebrities are known to start AMAs on Reddit to promote their new films (Bill Murray) or even their political views (Barack Obama). Why can’t an author also post an AMA to promote a new book? Not only can this generate interest in that new book, but the questions you receive might even generate some new blog post ideas for you that you hadn’t considered before.

I came across a post, written by Maxine Patenaude, on the Thornley Fallis Communications website that describes where the word “Reddit” comes from:

Did you know that “reddit” is the Latin word for render, which can mean “to submit for consideration or approval.” That basically sums up the concept of this popular social platform. (Patenaude, n.d.)

I recommend you incorporate Reddit as part of your social media marketing program, even if you’re simply sharing links to your blog posts here to begin with. It’s a genuinely effective tool you can use to improve your SEO.

I hope you enjoyed this little excerpt from my upcoming ebook—the final installment in the T-Shaped Marketing for Authors series. Watch for it this coming month on Amazon, Kobo, and E-Sentral!

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