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Book Marketing Services Canada

Book Marketing Services Canada

Book Marketing Services Canada

The other day, I Googled the term “book marketing services Canada” and came across some common advice on the Writing Tips Oasis website: “If you’re an author in Canada looking to partner with someone who can offer advice on publicizing your novel, or nonfiction book, devise a strategy for book publicity and perhaps even marketing, and then help you to implement a plan of action, you’ll most likely need a book publicist.” A list of five recommended Canadian publicists follows.

Book publicists can definitely help boost your book’s visibility in the mainstream media more quickly than you can yourself. But their services are usually quite expensive. Here are two much more affordable “book marketing services Canada” options that are also effective. I’m writing this blog post for those of you who will do the same Google search as I did.

Book Marketing Services Canada

There are literally millions of books being published worldwide every year. We all have access to them through various online retailers. Books from around the world can be downloaded to our laptops with the click of a button. It’s that easy now. The book publishing landscape has clearly changed, and it’s increasingly competitive as a direct result. So, the traditional way of marketing books is less and less effective. In today’s world, online marketing is the single most effective way to promote books.

First, you need a personalized web presence where your readers can easily find you and links to all your books. The best web presence for authors is a blog. Why? With a blog, you can literally write your way to increased book sales.

Second, you need to ensure you’re writing each blog entry in an SEO-friendly way. In the online world, your best friend is Google. We all use it to find answers to our questions. Your desired readers are also using it to find books like yours, so you need to understand how Google ranks webpages to ensure your blog entries always land at the top of a search. 

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“During this podcast you will hear Joanna tell the story of writing her first book, then successfully landing an incredible amount of publicity – including some prime-time on Australian television – with the end result of selling ZERO books.”

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