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What is Author Central and Why Do You Need It?

What exactly is Author Central and why does every author—whether self-published or traditionally published—need it? Here’s the greatest reason why. 

Author Central (Amazon)

Author Central (Amazon)

Whether you self-publish a book directly to Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing or use the services of either a traditional or hybrid publisher to publish it for you, there is a 99% chance your book will be available for sale on Amazon. Everyone sell books through this ecommerce giant now.

What is an Author Central Page?

An Author Central Page acts as your own personalized webpage on Amazon. It is a place where you can include an author biography to let others know more about you and your books. You can upload author photos and videos. And you can let Amazon know which books from the online store belong to you. Futhermore, you can include an RSS feed to drive more traffic to your blog. (The above image displays an example of how your blog’s RSS feed will appear on your page.)

Why Do You Need an Author Central Page?

Amazon hyperlinks each author’s name beside the title of his or her book(s). Whenever people click on those hyperlinks, they’re shown a list of all the books by that author. Unfortunately, they may also be shown books by other authors with the same or similar names. The only way to ensure all your books show up together in one Amazon search, without other unwanted authors in the mix, is to create an Author Central Page and add your books to it.

Need another another great reason to create your own Author Central page? Here are three: 3 Ways an Author Central Page Can Spike Your Ranking on Amazon.

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