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10 Author Blog Post Ideas

10 Author Blog Post Ideas

10 Author Blog Post Ideas

You’ve heard me recommend blogging many times in the past. Writing regular blog posts, at least three times per week, is a great way for you to increase your online exposure. These 10 author blog post ideas will inspire you to write lots!

But before we get started, there are two important things for you to do. First, research and find 156 keywords (52 weeks per year, three posts per week) related to your genre/topic matter. (You’re going to create your blog post titles with those keywords in them.) Second, download the free Yoast SEO Plugin to your WordPress blog to ensure all 156 of those posts will be SEO-friendly. That way, Google’s search engine spiders will easily find and index your posts for you. This will ensure your desired reader base finds them, too.

5 Author Blog Post Ideas About You and Your Books

My first poem in the Western Producer

My first poem in the Western Producer

 1. It’s fairly easy to write about yourself and what inspired you to start writing at all. Make some of your 156 posts about you. Let your readers get to know you better. Maybe that will include sharing a copy of the very first story or poem you ever wrote. For example, here’s my first poem in the Western Producer. I wrote it when I was 11 years old; it was published a few months later, just after I turned 12. My brother found it for me in the newspaper archives years later and it put a huge smile on my face to read it once again as an adult.

 2. Include excerpts from your upcoming books to create a buzz around them before they’re officially published. You’ve probably noticed I include plenty of book excerpts in the Coming Soon to PPG! category of this blog. If you’re publishing a new book at least every four to six weeks like I do, this will take care of eight or nine of your blog posts for the year.

 3.  What inspires you? Share the occasional inspirational quote and talk about why it speaks to your heart.

 4. What is your creative process? Are you a plotter or a pantser? Share your writing tips and strategies with your readers. Invite them to share theirs in the comments section below.

 5. Do you ever attend any writer’s retreats or conferences in your area? Post about your experiences, the people you’ve met, and the impact they’ve had on you and your writing.

5 Author Blog Post Ideas About Other People or Places

 6. Highlight other authors within your genre whose books inspired you in some way. Review their books on your blog and include the Amazon affiliate links to those books within each blog post. If people purchase one of their books along with one of yours, that could help your Amazon ranking through association. (Remember to tie as many of your chosen keywords into these post titles as possible. This way, Google will index your posts for those keywords.)

 7. Did you hire any illustrators, graphic designers, or other professionals to help you produce a quality book? Why not dedicate some of your posts to writing biographies about them and their important contributions? Better yet, ask them to guest post on your blog.

 8. Read the industry news and post your opinions about hot topics on your blog. What pleases you about these current events? What displeases you? Why? Open up a discussion and invite your subscribers to post their own comments below.

 9. What geographic regions do your characters work or live in (for fiction or poetry), or what region are you currently writing in/about (for non-fiction)? Some of your posts can be geography lessons about these particular locations. Be sure to include pictures or videos for extra impact.

 10. Search Quora for industry-related questions. Answer those questions for people on your own blog.

10 Author Blog Post Ideas

When you mix your keywords in with those 10 author blog post ideas, you can see what a great idea-generator it is. The topic possibilities are endless!

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