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3D Book Cover Template: Book Series Promotion

3D Book Cover Template

3D Book Cover Template

Looking for a great 3D book cover template to help you promote your next book series? I know a great tool you can use for free.

3D Book Cover Template: Boxshot Online

When it comes to pre-promoting your book series online, it’s always nice to create 3D cover images (like the ones shown above) for your blog and/or social media sites. These stand out more than the flat images that are created by other template builders.

I used a free tool called Boxshot Online to create my 3D covers. It’s a pretty simple and user-friendly site.

Create a 3D Cover Image in Minutes

Boxshot can help you create a 3D image of your book within minutes. All you have to do is upload your front cover from Canva into the front cover spot of the template. If you want your 3D image to have a spine just like hardcover/paperback books have, then you will need to create one and upload it into the spot where it asks for a spine. You can leave the back cover portion blank, as no one will see it on your image anyway.

Create a Book Spine With Ease

I created pretend spines for my ebooks using Microsoft Word. First, I inserted my cover image into a blank Word page. Then I created a vertical text box beside it that matched its height dimensions. I typed my book title and name into that vertical text box. Then I took a screen shot of the whole image using the “ctrl” and “prt sc” keys on my PC keyboard.

From there, I opened up Paint (a standard photo program on all PC computers). I clicked on the “ctrl” and “v” keys on my keyboard simultaneously to paste that screen shot into the Paint program. I then cropped out the spine and saved it as a .JPG file, called “spine file,” separate from the cover image file. Done. Easy. Simple. (The beauty of this is that you’ll barely be able to see the spine in your 3D image. You can get away with using a low-resolution screen shot image in this instance.)

A Versatile Tool for Creating 3D Cover Images

Next, upload both your front cover and spine images into the Boxshot template. Now you can play around with various options such as yaw, pitch, contrast, and shadow. You can even move the book image itself so that less or more of the spine is showing. It’s a versatile tool, and it’s free of charge to use.

The only portion of this process that will cost you anything is when it comes time to download your 3D images. I paid $10 USD for a 24-hour licence to manipulate and download as many different marketing images as I wanted to for all four of my ebook covers at the same time. “Bada bing, bada boom. Done!”

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