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Sell Non-Fiction Books Using AI

Sell Non-Fiction Books Using AI

Sell Non-Fiction Books Using AI

Most business professionals will publish just one non-fiction book as a form of “advanced business card” to promote their products and services. Very few of these people view books as the assets they truly are. Why? Because they don’t understand how to utilize algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to full advantage. They don’t realize there are effective ways to sell non-fiction books using AI.

When it comes to books, effective selling begins with effective digital publishing. And, by “effective digital publishing,” I’m not only referring to professional editing and graphic design. I’m talking about understanding how search engine optimization (SEO) really works—how search engines such as Google, and ecommerce sites such as Amazon, reward points to the content that is published online.

What is Effective Digital Publishing?

If you want to succeed at publishing and selling books nowadays, you can no longer “waste precious time” by publishing only one book per year or one blog entry per month. The Internet rewards speedproductivity, and momentum through these specific activities. And the Internet is your greatest ally.

Many of today’s most successful independent authors are selling thousands of books every year by publishing a new book online every four to six weeks. Both fiction and non-fiction book series are generating six- and seven-figure incomes by feeding the Internet’s voracious appetite for MORE in this way. It works so well that even mainstream authors like James Patterson are jumping on this bandwagon. He, too, publishes multiple books on a regular basis through his BookShots line.

Sell Non-Fiction Books Using AI

One of the greatest benefits of digital publishing/selling is that the Internet does much of the thinking for you. Just tell it what keyword(s) you wish to focus on in each blog entry and book description you post online. It will keep directing traffic to your webpages based on those instructions. But only if you keep your side of the bargain by continually feeding it MORE.

For Google AdWords and AdSense users, you were likely pleased when Google introduced its AdSense Auto ads program in early 2018. This is an advanced type of pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement that uses a form of AI called “machine learning” to determine the best placements for ads on webpages on your behalf. That means you just have to focus on posting regular keyword-rich content; Google will bring you constant, relevant traffic that matches it. Gone are the days when you had to go searching for those customers yourself.

Feed the Internet’s Voracious Appetite for Content … and It Will Feed You More Customers

Many people balk at the idea of publishing several books per year when they first learn about this form of digital publishing. Based on the traditional viewpoint of how books should be produced, it may seem like an impossible task. Well, it’s time to change your thinking on what constitutes a useful non-fiction book.

Throw away any pre-conceived notions you may have—particularly when it comes to word count. It’s more important to focus on the quality of your content than the quantity of words you’ve written. There is absolutely no need to add a bunch of unnecessary fluff into a non-fiction book just to get it to a certain word count. With non-fiction books of any kind, your number one priority is to understand your readers’ question/problem. Above all, answer/resolve that question/problem for them as clearly and easily as possible.

Here’s another helpful tip: instead of publishing one 120,000-word book, why not break it down into an eight-book mini series instead? Release each mini book six weeks apart to generate excitement and anticipation about the next. The Internet will reward this type of consistent publishing activity more than it will reward a large book published once a year. Click here to view an example digital publishing program designed to get results.

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