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Thailand Government Book Policy: More ASEAN Books by ASEAN Authors

Thailand Government Book Policy

Thailand Government Book Policy

Why would an author and book publisher from Canada have a strong interest in the Thailand government book policy? Well, you see, I visited (and fell in love with) Thailand back in 2016. I lived in Hua Hin for one month where I studied Thai culture and obtained a TESOL certification. I then lived in Bangkok for the next five months and taught at a wonderful private school for one term before returning home to Canada. Ever since then, I’ve known that some day I’ll visit Thailand again. But next time, I would like to visit as the author and book publisher that I am. I would love to help aspiring Thai authors produce professional books that meet your government’s standards and promote your beautiful culture at home and abroad.

Thailand Government Book Policy

I have 25 years’ experience in the North American English book publishing industry (in both the traditional and contemporary markets). I’m also the author of over 25 books that teach aspiring authors how to be successful within this industry. That said, each world region has its own unique publishing methods and characteristics. One day, I decided to research the Thailand government book policy to see if it’s similar to Canada’s. As it turns out, we have some things in common. Both our governments want to support local authors who write books that promote and educate others about the countries we live in.

I came across a presentation by Kim Chongsatitwatana titled “Thailand Publishing Industry” that was posted to the Asian Publishers Fellowship Program in Seoul (APS) website. In this presentation, Kim discusses the Thai government’s policies on promoting a “decade of reading as a national agenda” from 2009 to 2018. The goal is to educate people about ASEAN culture and society with a focus on the English language. The government also wants more ASEAN books published by ASEAN authors in general.

English Language Book Publishing for ASEAN Authors

More ASEAN Books by ASEAN Authors

More ASEAN Books by ASEAN Authors

Did you know there are self-publishing options available to you in Thailand that will allow you to publish books your government can be proud of? I will be releasing a new title in paperback format, to bookstores around the world, this coming October 15, 2018. The book is titled How to Publish a Book in the East That You Can Sell in the West. It contains some compelling research about how today’s independent authors are self-publishing and selling thousands of ebooks every year. It also provides step-by-step instructions showing aspiring authors like you how to do the same—right from the comfort of your home or office.

One chapter of this book focuses on English language editing and how to find proper English editors at a reasonable price. No matter where you live, you can easily follow (and afford!) this program. All you need is an Internet connection and a laptop with Microsoft Office on it. Here’s what some Eastern reviewers who received early review copies have to say about this book:

“The author has used the simplest words which can be read and understood by everyone. The stepwise information makes this book seamless and interesting.” ~Sheetal Maurya, Halo of Books

“What an excellent book this is.” ~Sarath Babu

And don’t let the book title fool you. You can certainly reach the western market if you choose to; but you can also focus on your own eastern market if you choose. It’s all up to you.

A Decade of Reading in Thailand

“Reading remains a fundamental activity and a first step for anyone wishing to acquire knowledge and innovate,” the Bangkok Post quoted the Publishers and Booksellers Association of Thailand (Pubat) president, Suchada Sahasakul, as saying earlier this year. “Everything starts with the act of reading. Once one has read, one can experiment and act to shape the world.”

I hope you’ll read this book so you can see your own ability to shape the world by writing and publishing your own books. Gone are the days when the world’s large corporate book publishers set the pace and direction of the entire publishing market. Today’s western indie authors are now in the driver’s seat, and it can be the same for authors in Thailand.

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