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Make Money Online with Ebooks

Make Money Online (Book One)

Make Money Online (Book One)

Ebooks can be highly profitable digital assets for authors, online marketers, and business professionals in general. Think about it from a strictly business perspective for a moment; it’s clear an ebook is a portable business card that can be delivered instantaneously, anywhere in the world, for free or for sale, via email, blog, website, or ecommerce site.

Ebooks can be read in the comfort of one’s home or office, during a commute by train or airplane, or even when standing and waiting in line. They are easily searchable documents that can be hyperlinked to other relevant information sources (e.g., company webpages, blogs), providing even more value to readers.

Ebooks are updateable which is especially helpful to those who wish to keep their information relevant and stay on top of the dynamic Internet. With a digital asset like an ebook, you don’t have to pay storage or maintenance fees of any kind. Best of all, there are hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers out there; they’re more than happy to help others promote and sell their digital assets all over the world. Pretty much every major ecommerce site has its own affiliate program now, and this is like having a massive sales team at your disposal without having to pay anyone an upfront salary.

Make Money Online by Providing Valuable Information

You could be in any room chatting with your family members, friends, or business colleagues. It doesn’t matter where it is or who you’re with. At some point during the conversation, a question of some sort almost always arises; what is the first thing everyone does? You each pull out your smartphone, iPad, or tablet and open the web browser to search for an answer. We all have instant access to timely information at our fingertips now, and we’re all constantly accessing it.

Make Money Online (Book Two)

Make Money Online (Book Two)

Consider this: Twenty years ago if you wanted to learn something, you’d go to the library or bookstore and pick up a book. If there was new information on a topic, it had to go through a long publication process – an average of 18 months! By the time that new information came out, it was often already outdated.

Today is very different.

We live in the Information Age. Basically, the greatest industry in the world today is the information industry. Those with access to information and the ability to distribute it the fastest are the ones who are poised to be our next millionaires and billionaires. (Singal, 2016)

Make Money Online by Connecting People in Meaningful Ways

Now let’s take that a step further. It’s not only about your ability to quickly distribute information to the masses that could potentially earn you a profit; it’s more about your ability to use that information to connect people together in meaningful ways. Intellectual property can be a priceless asset to the owners who know how to do this well.

Make Money Online (Book Three)

Make Money Online (Book Three)

In discussions with industry leaders like Seth Godin and Clay Hebert (among many others), it has become clear that we are in a Connection Economy. The connection economy rewards value created by building relationships and creating connections, rather than building assets by industrialism. This means the most valuable companies will connect buyer to seller, or consumer to content. If you don’t buy that argument, consider these facts:

1. Uber is the largest “taxi” company – yet they own no vehicles and excel at connecting riders with drivers.
2. AirBnB is the largest provider of accommodations – yet they own no real estate.
3. Facebook is the largest media company – yet they create no content.
4. Crowdfunding businesses like Kickstarter and IndiGoGo [sic] are expected to surpass venture capital for funding in 2016 – yet they have no funds to invest. (Altman, 2015)

You can create these kinds of meaningful connections through ebooks. There are umpteen unique ways for you to bond with your readers, uniting them with additional people and resources. You can write fiction or poetry to entertain them and then connect them with like-minded book club members. You can use non-fiction to educate them and recommend additional related services.

Make Money Online With Ebooks

Make Money Online (Book Four)

Make Money Online (Book Four)

There is an ebook publishing technique that many of today’s most successful independent authors (a.k.a. indie authors) are using to sell thousands of books every year. Some of these authors are earning six-figure incomes from their ever-growing online platforms. What is a “platform” you’re asking? It is a loyal readership. And that’s what the “Big Five” trade publishers—Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette, Macmillan, and Simon & Schuster—are looking for when scouting new book projects. They’ll sign the unknown indie authors with built-in audiences that can guarantee them sales before they’ll re-sign a known trade-published author with limited traction. That’s the reality of this business.

Selling physical books in an offline marketplace is different from selling digital books in an online marketplace. In the traditional offline world, authors must appeal to people such as booksellers, reviewers, and publicists to help you sell more books; but, in the online world, you’re working with mechanical algorithms and search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your exposure. This is a blessing. This is a new and highly effective way to reach the masses and earn a profit in the process. Ebooks are possibly the best way to make money online nowadays.

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