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How Do Independent Book Publishers Help Writers to Publish Books More Easily?

Publish Books More Easily

Publish Books More Easily

Want to publish books more easily? Hire an independent book publisher to help you navigate the entire process. Here’s why:

1. Traditional (trade) publishers take a long time to respond to the writers who submit manuscripts to them. It can take from three to six months to learn whether they want to work with you or not. Usually, the answer is no. You can waste a lot of time submitting ideas to trade publishers with very little chance of success. And if they do accept your book, you can expect at least a full year—possibly more—for the book to be published. You can also expect to have very little say in the whole creative process.

2. With self-publishing, you maintain all creative control and copyright ownership of your book, and you can publish it quickly. But you also take on all the work (and any expenses related to that work) from graphic design to editing to formatting and distribution. There is so much to be done when publishing a book, it can be overwhelming for new authors.

3. Independent book publishers, more specifically hybrid publishers, support writers/authors in publishing. For a fee, these publishers can take all (or most of) the work off your hands while allowing you maintained creative control and copyright ownership. They can also usually create a quality book much faster than you can.

Publish Books More Easily With These Helpful Tips

An independent “hyrbid” publisher can help you with everything from proper formatting to printing to effective sales and marketing. That guidance may come in the form of helpful how-to books or other paid services. Either way, you’ll surely find this kind of support useful.

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