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What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program for a Blog?

In my opinion, the best affiliate marketing program for a blog is Amazon Associates. Why? In a word: choices. Through this program, people can sell everything and anything Amazon has to offer—not only books.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program for a Blog

Best affiliate marketing program: Amazon Associates

Best affiliate marketing program: Amazon Associates

Want a great way to keep your readers engaged? Show them how to register as affiliates with the top ecommerce merchant where your books are sold: Amazon. Once their affiliate profiles are approved by Amazon, they can share their customized links to your books with their social media followers. They are paid a commision for all sales that come from their links as described on the Acceleration Partners® blog:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Essentially affiliate marketing involves a merchant paying a commission to other online entities, known as affiliates, for referring new business to the merchant’s website. Affiliate marketing is performance-based, which means affiliates only get paid when their promotional efforts actually result in a transaction. (AccelerationPartners®, 2014)

As the book’s author, you don’t have to track or pay for anything at all. These transactions are between the affiliate and the online merchant they registered with. At the end of the day, you’ll still get paid whatever royalty percentage you would normally be paid for the sale of your books, and the affiliate commissions will be taken care of for you in the background. It’s a win-win-win scenario for you, the affiliate marketer, and the ecommerce site.

Amazon Associates

Affiliate Marketing: Learn How to Make $10,000+ Each Month on Autopilot

Affiliate Marketing: Learn How to Make $10,000+ Each Month on Autopilot

Amazon’s affiliate program is called Amazon Associates. They’ve recently implemented a new strategy they call OneLink that allows you to combine all their sites together (e.g., Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, et cetera) as one. This is such a blessing! Before OneLink, if you only included an Amazon.com affiliate link on your blog, it would only work for the American buyers who made a purchase through that link. It wouldn’t register as an affiliate sale for any of your other buyers outside the United States because, when they clicked on the link to buy the item, they would be redirected to the Amazon site in their own regions. To earn a commission from all the Amazon markets around the world, affiliates had to display separate affiliate links for every single market—and there are several so that was a royal pain in the butt. Luckily, OneLink has resolved this issue. Now affiliates only need to add one main Amazon.com link to their sites. All the other international sales will be taken care of through that link. That’s what makes Amazon Associates the best affiliate marketing program for a blog, in my opinion—that and all the choices.

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