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I’ll begin by saying there are times when I’m just as guilty as the next person for not keeping up with my blogging. Life gets busy, as it certainly has for the Polished Publishing Group (PPG) as a whole over this past year. All that said, I’m very grateful for all this busy-ness. It means the company is alive and well, and that’s a wonderful thing.

On that note, I have to admit that busy-ness is only part of the issue here. As I learn this new WordPress blogging platform, I also find myself battling far more spam messages than I did through our previous blog provider … over 300 spam messages per week! Yikes! I’m learning which Plugins I need in place in order to combat this type of annoyance; and, once I have this all worked out, I’ll allow for our valued subscribers to begin commenting regularly again. I’ll also be posting more regular entries once again. Thank you in advance for your patience with this. (Life is a constant learning process, isn’t it?)

In any case, you can look forward to these three upcoming blog entries very soon:

And many, many more to come!

In the mean time, there are plenty of old (but still relevant!) blog entries to read through here regarding book reviews, editing, graphic design, indexing, copyright, et cetera; and you can also check out some of my newest sales and marketing advertorials on EzineArticles. Of course, you’re also encouraged to purchase one or both of these insightful books that will answer just about every single question you might ever have regarding how to write, publish, and sell a Book:

How to Publish a Book in Canada … and Sell Enough Copies to Make a Profit!

How to Publish a Bestselling Book … and Sell It Worldwide Based on Value, Not Price!

See you again soon! 🙂

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