Soul Searching by A.R. Jones

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Soul Searching by A.R. Jones
A brand new soul. His first lifetime. It can’t be that difficult,can it?

The innocence of the question Jack poses, as he leaves the world he knows so well and dives into the complexity of life, allows us a chuckle. New and naïve, this soul is bombarded by the senses and restrictions of physical existence—yet once death releases him back to familiarity, he begins an intriguing journey of self-discovery.
The extraordinary beauty and characteristics of our spiritual nature are brought into focus as we accompany Jack on his journey. Time and again, he takes on his challenges—stumbling, failing, learning—with his steps often mirroring our own. An innate desire propels Jack onward, allowing us insight into the world we know so well and the tantalising realms that beckon us.
And we see that it can be that difficult as we catch a glimpse of Heaven and walk to the edges of Hell.
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