Using QR Codes to Promote Your Book

What is a QR code?

A QR code, such as the one to the left of this paragraph, is a two-dimensional barcode. Where traditional linear, one-dimensional barcodes (like the ones on the back of books) are used to store small bits of information about the object they are on (such as the price of that book), a QR code has a larger storage capacity and can re-direct scanners to websites for much more detailed information.

How are QR codes used?

It’s as simple as downloading a free QR reader on your SmartPhone and you’re ready to go. Anyone with a QR reader on their phone can now scan these barcodes from magazine ads, books, signs on the side of a road, computer screens, you name it. (I even saw a large QR code on the side of a city bus last week!)  

Why pay QReady Media ( to create a QR code for you?  

The best way to explain why you should pay for a QR code rather than just create one for yourself online is to show you the difference in the landing pages when you scan the two different types of codes. Here is a free QR code that PPG created for ourselves a while back:

If you scan this free QR code, you will see it takes you straight to Polished Publishing Group’s primary website. This is wonderful … except for one thing. That website is intended to be read on a large computer screen. When it is viewed on a SmartPhone, the text and graphics all appear very tiny, and it is difficult to navigate.

Now scan the code at the top of the page that was created for PPG by QReady Media. Do you see the difference? Not only did QReady Media create a much more attractive QR code for PPG, but they also created a much more SmartPhone-friendly landing page for us that still redirects to our main site. They also added one of our promotional YouTube videos onto this landing page which we were thrilled to see!

How can authors best utilize this new technology?

Now authors can place a page at the back of each of their books that contains a QR code that redirects readers to their blog or website. Here, authors can keep readers abreast of any upcoming book launches, tours, or even new books that are coming out soon. It’s a real-time update for readers even five years after that particular book was published. How convenient is that?

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