Sell More Books Using Eventbrite!

Here’s a great idea for authors…

Eventbrite is a fantastic website you can use to promote upcoming events and manage your mailing lists and ticket sales for that event! It’s the perfect tool to help you organize an upcoming book launch or signing!

One of the best things about Eventbrite is the Event Affiliate Programme that allows you to “…increase your ticket sales by offering an incentive for your affiliates to promote your event. Each affiliate will get a unique link at sign-up that will allow both you and them to track the ticket sales and revenue they’re generating.” What better way to encourage other people to spread the word about your event and help you sell more tickets?

Click here to set up your own Eventbrite page and start selling tickets for your event today. Give it a try. Let us know how it works for you! (It works well for Polished Publishing Group. We use it all the time. See below for a sample.)

I also recommend reading this helpful link: The Top 10 Ways to Start Selling Tickets in Bunches

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