A Medical Intuitive Reveals The Wonders of Purslane

An informative natural health guide coming soon to PPG…
A Medical Intuitive Reveals The Wonders of Purslane 
by Elsie Belcheff of Natural Plantation Inc.  
Why do people wear glasses, especially little children?
Why do people lose their hearing and how it can be restored? 
How can diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol be prevented?
How can cancer be prevented?

The key to all disease is PREVENTION. Listen to your body. Whenever it starts deteriorating, getting sluggish or fatigued, the body is overwhelmed from fighting parasites, chemicals, bacteria, and blockages—the four culprits to all our illnesses. Start detoxing with the suggestions in this book today!
It took Elsie Belcheff—a medical intuitive, certified herbologist and certified lymphologist—thirteen years of studying and working with thousands of individuals, documenting their progress while they followed her recommended protocol, to come up with this valuable health guide. Now she’d like to help you.
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