Self-Publishing versus Supported Self-Publishing

So, you’re looking at taking the self-publishing route. This is a wise decision in terms of maintaining copyright ownership of your book. Here at PPG, we agree with your choice wholeheartedly.

One suggestion, if you do decide to go this alone, is that you have a detailed conversation with whichever graphic designer you choose to work with to ensure you’re maintaining copyright ownership of your book cover in addition to the story itself. Many times, graphic designers assume they will keep the copyright ownership of whatever artwork they create on your behalf, and authors unwittingly agree to this simply because they didn’t know to have the conversation upfront, and/or they didn’t put a proper contract in place with that designer. I already talked about this a bit in an earlier blog entry titled Who Owns The Artwork? In the comments section of this blog entry, you’ll see many replies from graphic designers who believe they should be paid significant amounts of money if they are expected to give up their rights. This is more common than you may think and can cause problems for authors. By working with PPG, you will eliminate this problem altogether because we only hire artists who agree with our stance on copyright ownership: it belongs to the paying author.

One of the biggest benefits of allowing a company like PPG to be your personal project manager throughout the self-publishing process is that we already have all of these types of contracts in placewith experienced professional copy editors, designers, proofreaders, and indexersand these contracts have all been written to protect the copyright ownership of the self-publishing author. Another benefit is that we have already pre-screened all these people on your behalf. We make sure they all have at least five years’ experience in their respective fields. Because of this, you can be assured that you will end up with trade publisher quality at the end of this publishing process. And that’s what you wantyou want professional quality if you expect to compete in the marketplace against other trade quality books.

Another benefit to working with PPG is that we’ve been through this publishing process several times over, so we’ve fine-tuned the process to ensure it runs as quickly and seamlessly for you as possibleto get your book out to the public sooner than you can on your own. We negotiate all the contracts and take care of the administrative aspect of everything on your behalf so you can focus on the writing and marketing. This is a huge advantage as there is so much to do, and the task can become quite overwhelming and daunting along the way when doing it alone.

Whatever you decide, we wish you all the success in the world. And, if you do decide to work with PPG, we will be honoured to support you in self-publishing your professional-quality book.

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