Professional Book Publishing With PPG

The Polished Publishing Group (PPG) supports Canadian authors in self-publishing professional-quality books by guiding them through the entire process from conception to publication. We assist authors in producing both eBook and paperback versions of their titles plus offer online POD (print-on-demand) distribution opportunities throughout the world. We will publish books for our authors at any time of the year they choose.

Our mission is to make the book publishing process run as smoothly as possible for all our authors by employing professional editors, ghostwriters, and graphic designers, et cetera, with at least five years experience in their respective roles.
We aim to exceed our authors’ service expectations by respecting their needs, wants, and creative vision throughout the entire process while freely sharing our expertise with them.
The end result? A professional quality book we can both be very proud of!
Canadian ISBN numbers:
PPG will put the author/self-publisher’s primary contact information on each book’s Canadian ISBN application form to ensure the ISBN number is linked to the true copyright owner of the book—the author/self-publisher.
Canadian-tailored payment options:
All transactions completed through the PPG Online Store are done in Canadian funds thereby removing the hassles and extra fees associated with exchange rates. The total price you see on your online store order is the actual total you will pay, and nothing more.
Author-tailored printing options:
When you choose PPG to support you in self-publishing, not only will you retain the copyright ownership of your book, but we will also give the final print-ready files to their rightful owner … you. This means at any time you decide to print larger runs (100+ physical copies) of your books to warehouse/distribute on your own, you can feel free to shop around for the best deal with all the printers in your area. For your convenience, PPG also offers a handy print-on-demand service for all your small orders.
PPG operates in a paperless, virtual office environment. Our publishing processes are completely electronic which boosts productivity and makes information sharing much easier from any location anywhere in the country with Internet access. It’s our way of helping the environment while we help our clients. Contact us today!
PPG is a Canadian book publisher dedicated to serving Canadian authors. Visit our
book publishing website to learn how you can publish your book today.

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