Tide Cracks and Sastrugi: An Antarctic Summer in 1968-69 by Graeme Connell

A memorable historical non-fiction book coming soon to PPG…

Tide Cracks and Sastrugi: An Antarctic Summer in 1968-69
by Graeme Connell

What makes a person pack a bag and head off into the vast white, frozen, inhospitable desert of Antarctica? Is it adventure, tales of heroism and sacrifice, science or simply because it is there? In a mix of nerve-tingling drama, history, anecdote, and the physical and emotional unknown, Graeme Connell talks about his odyssey on the continent at the bottom of the world. Tide Cracks and Sastrugi: An Antarctic Summer in 1968-69 is a glimpse of a small country’s Antarctic activity at the tail end of the first decade of modern exploration. It is also a snapshot of a young, disillusioned small town newspaper journalist who seeks change to embrace all that life has to offer for himself, his wife and family.

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