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Blogging for SEO: A Cost Effective, Unintrusive Form of Advertising

There are two forms of online writing for SEO (also known as “blogging”) that can be used to promote a product, service, or company: online articles that are posted on high-ranking online publications; blog entries that are posted to one’s own website. While both forms of promotion can help to improve your search engine ranking for major key words, each has its own unique advantage.

Online Articles (Also Known as “Online Advertorials”)

Online articles should have an “editorial” appeal to them that matches the criteria set up by the online publication they are being posted to. Their primary purpose is to educate people about a certain industry or topic. Here are a few examples:

– Click here to see a sample “Company/Owner Profile” article written for Smith Bros. Floors Ltd. in Examiner.com
– Click here to see a sample “How To” article written for Natural Plantation in eHow.com
– Click here to read a sample “Industry Awareness” article written for Polished Publishing Group in Suite101.com

Search engine ranking is based on a complex point system. The higher your points, the higher you land in the search results. Each online advertorial is like a webpage in itself and can garner higher points for your website with two of the major criteria search engines are looking for: backlinks and traffic. Backlinks are “clickable” referrals from one relevant webpage (an online advertorial) to another (your website). The more backlinks to your website, the higher its point value will be in the eyes of a search engineespecially if those backlinks are coming from relevant, high-ranking online publications like Examiner.com. It also stands to reason that more backlinks equate to more traffic over time.

Blog Entries

Blog entries are a wee bit different from online articles in that you can say pretty much whatever you want, however you want to say it, because you are posting them to your own set of websites. Blog entries can be an obvious advertisement for your products, services, events, etc, if you choose. You aren’t limited by anyone else’s content criteria.

A company’s blog site should be an extension of their primary website. For example, PPG’s primary website is: http://www.polishedpublishinggroup.com/. This is where our customers go to buy book publishing packages from us. The PPG Publisher’s Blog is an extension of our primary website: http://blog.polishedpublishinggroup.com/. This is where PPG’s founder and Publisher does her “blogging” and answers industry FAQs (frequently asked questions) about the book publishing industry. Upcoming PPG webinars and workshops are also promoted here.

Blog entries improve your search engine ranking based on another of the major criteria search engines are looking for: quantity of posts. Google’s algorithm rewards more points to websites that post new and relevant content on a regular basis. As it stands today, three to four new blog posts per week is optimal in the eyes of a search engine.

A Cost Effective, Unintrusive Form of Advertising

The greatest benefit to online writing for SEO (search engine optimization) is that it is unintrusive and cost effective. Where traditional advertising methods such as newspaper, television, radio, and billboards try their best to “interrupt” customers into noticing them, blogging appeals to the audience that is already in the market for your products/services. No need to try to interrupt anyone to gain their interest; if they are typing in those key words to try to find you, it’s because they are already interested in what you have to offer. All you have to do is be there in the top organic search results and “voila” … you’ve got their attention and hopefully some new business to go with it.

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Sample online article promoting an author’s book: Calgary Olympian Cheryl Bernard Publishes Inspirational Sports Psychology Book

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