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How to Write, Publish and Sell a Book

The Dynamic Full-Day Workshop You’ve Been Waiting For!

How to Write, Publish and Sell a Book
From Concept to Doorstep


Bob Bannon
Speaker, Author, Book Writing Coach

The Dynamic 48-Day Non-Fiction BOOK Writing System

B – Blue Print
O – Objective
O – Organize
K – Know How

Robert J. Bannon BIOGRAPHY

Bob spent 30 years in the Canadian business community in various sales, management, and entrepreneurial roles before allowing his passion for the written word to become a career. He is now busy creating his third non-fiction book to support his growing workshop business that inspires and encourages early stage authors. He has a unique and effective approach to mentoring his writing clients that makes excellent use of his calm demeanour and sense of humor in helping them achieve their goals. Bob makes extensive use of his business background to set achievable objectives and, with his experience in sales, always has his eye on what will appeal to an author’s target audience. This combination of skills and experience results in a workshop that is dynamic, informative, well organized and focused on the task-at-hand—writing your book.


“Thanks again for the clear template and the inspiration that you offered to us this morning… with thanks.”
~Jan Tollefson M.D.

“I chose the workshop in part because of a promise of a ‘roadmap,’ which I understood to be a clear outline of what I have to do next to author this book, and I’m happy to say that’s exactly what I got.”
~Peter Vodak


Kim Staflund
Speaker, Author, Publisher at PPG

PUBLISH Your Book This Year!

P – Primary Types of Book Publishing
U – Understanding The Modern Submission Process
B – Book Publishing’s Most Critical Elements
L – Legal Deposit at Library and Archives Canada
I – It’s Time to Print Your Book
S – Sales & Marketing (Traditional)
H – Hashtags: Today’s Online Marketing

Kim Staflund BIOGRAPHY

Kim has firsthand experience working with a traditional (trade) book publisher, various printers, vanity publishers, and a modern supportive self-publishing house. Her exposure to each business model has allowed her to view this industry from numerous vantage points and provided a well-rounded understanding of their respective pros and cons. This, combined with over fifteen years’ experience in various advertising, sales, and marketing roles, plus three published books of her own, puts Kim in a unique position to provide others with valuable insight into the world of book publishing. As the founder and Publisher of Polished Publishing Group (PPG), she now helps aspiring Canadian authors to realize their dreams.


“Informal/informative/experienced. Kim is a great presenter, knowledgeable & personable!”
~Lorraine Fuchs

“I loved the information about using the Internet to promote your book.”
~Chantal Plowman

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