Do the Right Things and the Right Things Will Happen

Do the right things and the right things will happen,” they say. And along those same lines: “You are what you do every day.” I believe there’s a lot of truth to both these phrases; but after a couple frustrating weeks of little to no sales, I had an epiphany of sorts that I’d like to share with you. These two phrases are actually incomplete. Let me explain….

I didn’t sleep well on Friday night. All kinds of excuses were running through my mind as to why I wasn’t making any sales: I don’t have the resources I need; I don’t have the training I need; this is a tough product/service to sell; etc. But no matter how many excuses I came up with to explain and justify my lack of sales, my problem remained unsolved. I was still lacking sales. As a result, I still felt unsettled.

On Saturday morning, I drove over to Tim Hortons to buy myself a coffee; and then I drove over to Glenmore Park. I found a quiet bench where I could sit and enjoy my coffee while I communed with nature. I changed my focus from finding more excuses to finding a solution. Inside my mind, I quietly asked the question, “What do I have to do to turn this around so that I’m feeling better about things again and seeing the positive results I desire—increased sales?”

Shortly after that, the epiphany hit me in a series of thoughts. It sent shivers running up and down my spine and put a huge smile on my face. My mood was already elevated just from receiving the answer, even though I hadn’t actually taken it and applied it yet….  

  1. The first thought to come into my mind was:I just don’t understand it. I’m doing all the right things, so why isn’t it all connecting properly? For the past couple of weeks, all I’ve done is leave voice mail after voice mail after voice mail followed up by emails. I’ve found it all quite painful, to be honest. How am I supposed to make a sale when 90% of the calls I’m making result in nothing more than voice mails and emails? It’s a lot of hard work (mental strain) for not much return. It’s a ridiculous waste of my time unless I can talk to someone.
  2. The very next thought to enter my mind was:Every time I pick up the phone, the first thought that comes to me is, “This is painful. I’m not even sure how I’m going to word this, or how I’m going to handle their objections. Quite frankly, I hope I get a voice mail. Then I won’t have to deal with the objection at all. If I follow up with an email, I’ll be able to give a full, uninterrupted sales pitch without having to deal with objections.”
  3. And then this thought came to me:Holy shit! I’ve been getting exactly what I was focused on, haven’t I? (Which means I’ve been successful in a strange sort of way, doesn’t it?) I was unconsciously praying for voice mail each and every time I picked up that phone out of the fear that I may not be able to properly handle an objection. The result? 90% of my calls ended with me leaving voice mails. My focus, over these past two weeks, was to postpone failure rather than hope for success.
  4. The final thought to come into my mind was this:I haven’t always gotten what I’ve wanted, but I’ve always gotten what I’ve focused on. Always have. Always will.If I want to turn this around, all I have to do is switch from a fear-based focus on what I don’t want to a more hope-based focus on what I do want (while I continue doing all the right things I’ve been doing); and then my external results will change for the better. I’ll be successful at what I want rather than being successful at what I don’t want.

On that note, I believe the above two phrases should read more like, “Think the right things while you do the right things and the right things will happen,” and, “You are what you think and do every day.” 

As I look back on my fifteen-year sales career, I can see the absolute truth to this thought process. I can see the difference in my thoughts and actions during the times I was successful versus the times I was struggling. It just wasn’t a conscious thing before today. But it’s crystal clear to me now.

For the first time in a while, I’m actually excited to get on the phone! Can hardly wait for Monday! Lol!

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