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Why Blog? What’s The Point?

Last week, one of PPG’s online writing experts showed us how to start a blog. As promised, this week’s entry will discuss one of the primary reasons why blogging is so important: SEO. SEO stands for “search engine optimization” which means to improve your standing in the organic search results on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Think, for a minute, about when you do a search for something on Google. Where is the first place you look when the search results come up? The top/centre of the page? And how many links are you willing to click through in order to find what you’re looking for? Maybe ten at the most? Maybe your eye will scan down that first page for something interesting; or, if you have the time, maybe you’ll dig a little deeper and look through the second or third page to see what comes up there. Statistically, most people will stay on the first page. This is why it’s crucial to make sure you appear on that first page for whatever product/service/topic you are trying to promote. Writing regular blog entries and online articles can help you achieve this. It’s not just bloggers that can benefit from improving their search engine rankings, but this is something that many businesses benefit from too. It works in exactly the same way as with bloggers, as it can help businesses to be able to have more traffic being driven towards their page. It can specifically help small businesses to gain recognition. To help do this in a professional manner, many companies decide to contact someone similar to this Local SEO NJ agency to help get them noticed in the search engines. This should help them to start receiving more customers that can help them to be successful in the long run.

For example, Polished Publishing Group (PPG) is a Canadian book publisher that publishes all kinds of books from fiction to poetry to non-fiction history books. We know our clientele often “Googles” phrases like “how to publish a book in Canada” and “business history books” in order to find our types of services, so we make sure to write blog entries and online articles with these key words in them and link them all to our website. Here are the results of doing so:

Of course, writing the blog entry or article is not enough. As we discussed last week, it is equally important to promote links to those blog entries and articles on social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, to name a few. This can increase one’s online traffic by up to 10X in one month which will help to improve one’s SEO.

Whether you’re an author promoting a book or a business promoting a product or service, blogging is an effective online marketing tool that can help your desired clientele find you—fast. And the more traffic you attract, the more sales you will make.

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