How Social Media Can Increase Online Traffic to Your Site by Ten Times in Only One Month!

Don’t believe it’s possible to increase your online traffic by TEN TIMES in one short month using social media, blogging, and online articles? Let’s start with the visual proof first. Then we’ll talk about how you can emulate the same results for your own website.

Remember the YouTube video I posted on this blog a few weeks back? At the same time I posted that video on PPG’s YouTube Channel, the company that helped me to produce the video also posted it on their own YouTube Channel. I took it a step further by promoting my YouTube link on various social media sites, this blog, and a couple online articles. The other company didn’t. Here are the results:

Webpage that was posted and promoted: 229 views in one month

Webpage that was posted but not promoted: 23 views in one month

That’s the indisputable power of blogging, online article writing, and social media marketing at work.

Each and every time I post a new blog entry, video, or online article for my book business, the very next thing I do is share that link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (including various groups on LinkedIn), Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, and Multiply (to name a few). The entire process takes about half an hour of my time. And the results? Well … they speak for themselves.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting more details about the importance of key words, back-linking, and various other online marketing tricks that authors can use to their advantage. In the mean time, if you start with these basics, you should still see a pretty amazing increase in your online traffic.

(P.S. The same technique that works for authors works just as well for businesses! And PPG has a group of strong, talented SEO writers who are ready and willing to write for you!)

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