It’s a Beautiful World … Saskatoon!

Welcome to my inaugural “It’s My Blog and I’ll Post What I Want To” blog entry. I couldn’t resist posting this one….

When a good friend of mine emailed me this YouTube video, it made me homesick for my home town of Saskatoon. Thought I’d share it with you: It’s a Beautiful World … Saskatoon! It’s so nice to see such positive advertising coming out of Saskatchewan!

I hope this blog entry gives all my fellow authors an idea … YouTube is a powerful alternative media you can use to promote yourself and your book(s). How about posting a short “teaser” video of you reading from your latest release? With a little luck, your friends will share it with others, and they’ll share it with others, and they’ll share it others, and so on, and so forth. Do you see the potential for increased exposure?

* * *    * * *   * * *

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