A Self-Publisher’s Checklist

There are several little odds and ends involved with the Canadian book publishing process—some obvious, others not so obvious. PPG has created the below checklist to help you keep track of what needs to be done:

Supplies you will require What PPG Will Do For You  What You Must Do For Yourself
  In order to publish a book with PPG, you must have access to a computer, email, and the Internet. You must also have a working knowledge of and access to Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader (for viewing .PDF proofs of your books).
Writing your book   You can hire one of PPG’s experienced ghostwriters to write your story in collaboration with you… … or you can write it yourself. Either way, whether you write your story or have someone write it for you, it must be completed in Microsoft Word. Click here for details on how to properly format all your book files.
Protecting your copyright   It is up to you to protect your own copyright before you send your book to any publisher/printer. Please click here for straightforward instructions on how to do so.
Choosing your book publishing package   Review the list of PPG Self-Publishing Services and choose the publishing package and/or À la carte services that are best for you. From there, visit our Online Store to make your purchase and begin the publishing process.
ISBN numbers/barcodes and legal deposits You only need an ISBN number/barcode if you plan to sell copies of your book. PPG will apply for all ISBN numbers and obtain barcodes on your behalf. You will be indicated as both the author and the publisher on the ISBN application so the book is linked to the true copyright owner rather than PPG. As the publisher/copyright owner of the book, it is up to you to submit one or two hard copies of it to Legal Deposit at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) upon publication.
Filling out/managing Vendor Agreements, Publishing Agreements, and Production Questionnaires     PPG will manage all Vendor Agreements with work-for-hire vendors (such as graphic designers, editors, ghostwriters, copywriters, indexers, etc.) on your behalf. Our agreements are designed to ensure: you receive the high quality service you are paying for in a timely fashion; and you maintain creative control and copyright ownership of the book/artwork that is being designed for you. It is up to you to read the PPG Publishing Agreement & Production Questionnaire in full so you understand the partnership you are entering into with PPG and our work-for-hire vendors.
Submitting Your Manuscript     Your manuscript must be written in Word.doc format and submitted to PPG via email. Please click here for more specific details.
Editing PPG will arrange for one of our qualified editors to copy edit your raw manuscript before it is sent to a designer for typesetting. You will have the opportunity to view the edited version and give final approval before it moves onto the design stage.  
Fact checking and indexing Non-fiction readers expect to find an index in the back of your book. They also expect your information to be completely accurate. You can hire fact checkers and indexers through PPG to help you with this.
Interior design PPG will arrange for a qualified graphic designer to typeset your book’s interior based on the input we receive from you on the above-mentioned Production Questionnaire. (We begin by designing your book’s interior because the spine size of your cover is determined by the final page count of your book.) In addition to answering all the questions on the above-mentioned Production Questionnaire, you are required to send your interior files to us in the manner indicated on our File Prep and File Transfer webpages.
Cover design PPG will arrange for a qualified graphic designer to create your book cover based on input we receive from you on the above-mentioned Production Questionnaire. In addition to answering all the questions on the above-mentioned Production Questionnaire, you are required to send us any related graphics/files in the manner indicated on our File Prep and File Transfer webpages.
Copyright page     PPG will insert a pre-designed copyright page into your manuscript before it is typeset. (All we ask of you is that you leave a blank page in the front matter of your manuscript to accommodate that copyright page.) It is up to you to proofread this copyright page to ensure the ISBN number(s) and all other information is correct.
Proofreading Once your book has been written, edited, and designed, a professional proofreader will review it one last time to ensure each of the book’s components fit together properly. All editors, designers, and proofreaders will do their part to help you polish and perfect your book along the way, but you are ultimately responsible to ensure it is completely correct before signing off on the final proof. It is recommended (and wise) for you to read everything over one more time before signing your final proof approval—not only your recent corrections, but everything—even after the professional proofread has been completed.
Printing hard copies of your published book  It is only possible to order hard copies of your book(s) through PPG if you are subscribed to receive our POD distribution service. Hard copies of your book(s) will only be printed if ordered through the PPG online store. If you would like to receive hard copies of your published book, it is up to you to purchase them either through PPG (at your special author discount) or from the printer of your choice. We do not include hard copies in our publishing packages as that would drive the price up unnecessarily. It is best for you, in the long run, to obtain quotes from various printers and go with the best price you receive. (We can recommend a few great printers to help you out with this.)
Complimentary & Promotional copies      It is customary for the publisher (in this case the “self-publisher”) to send out one complimentary copy of their book to each vendor who helped them publish it (i.e. the copy editor, designer, indexer, proofreader, photographer, illustrator, etc.) as a special thank you. It is also common for publishers to send promotional copies to other individuals/organizations who agree to promote the book on their behalf (i.e. publicists).
Review copies   It is up to you to research the book reviewers in your area and send them each a complimentary copy of your book. (This is not mandatory. It’s just a suggestion you may want to consider.)
Library copies   As a self-publisher, it is up to you to produce and submit a flyer or small catalogue of your book(s) to all the libraries you wish to appear in. The only way libraries learn about new titles is through the flyers/catalogues they receive from publishers.
Distribution Your book(s) will be available for sale through LSI’s online distribution channels and our very own online bookstore for as long as you are subscribed to receive our POD online distribution service. As an added bonus, we’ll also submit your book files to Google Books at no extra cost to you! Click here to see examples of how your book could appear on Google Books, Amazon.com, and the PPG Online Bookstore! You are responsible for the distribution of any additional copies of your book that you purchase on your own.
Royalties You will be paid royalties on all of your PPG books that are sold through the PPG online bookstore and/or through PPG’s online POD distribution channels (as detailed in the PPG Publishing Agreement). You won’t receive royalties for any copies of your book that you purchase at an author discount through PPG for resale by yourself, nor will you receive royalties for any other copies of your book that you have printed elsewhere for resale by yourself.
Sales and Marketing PPG will continually strive to drive more and more traffic to our website, online bookstore, forum, and blog; and we will also include a brief write-up about your book in the “Coming Soon to PPG!” category of this blog. It is up to you to manage all other sales and marketing of your book, but we’ll do our best to provide all kinds of ideas to help point you in the right direction.


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